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Recruitment process




Have a short telephone conversation with our recruitment manager, who will then invite you to a meeting.


If needed, have a technical interview and talk
to the HR MANAGER.


If you are the perfect fit for our team, we will offer you a partnership.


It is you who decide to start working in IT-LEAD.

Remember, you are the most important during the recruitment process in our company. Our recruitment manager will endeavor to accompany you every step of the way.

Work with us!


  • Work experience from 1 year in a similar position
  • Understanding the basics of SEO
  • Understanding the basics of web analytics
  • Experience of interaction with developers, seo specialists, designers
  • Personnel management skills
  • Consistency in work, punctuality
  • Proficiency in Excel, Google Doc, Google Spreadsheets
  • Communication skills, the ability to communicate effectively
  • Knowledge of English and Polish languages
  • Desire to constantly learn and develop
  • Manage the development of the project
  • Set tasks for the team of developers and designers
  • Controlling the timing of tasks
  • Monitoring project indicators
  • Introduction of tasks into the task manager
  • Planning, collection and analysis of information, summing up, preparation of answers \ graphs \ tables \ block diagrams \ work flow\
  • Interaction with customers, potential users and partners


  • Possession of graphic design software, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch and other visual design tools
  • Experience in creating designs from scratch
  • Availability of a portfolio of completed projects
  • Understanding current trends
  • Ability to work with technical assignments, deadlines
  • Responsibility
  • Knowledge of English and Polish languages
  • Creation of visuals for projects, concepts and presentations
  • Development of graphic elements for project implementation
  • Working with the development team to transfer concepts from idea to sketches and wireframes as well as high quality designs and prototypes
  • Work on the project together with the product \ project manager
  • Working with web design, mobile design

Middle Full-stack Developer

  • Fluency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX
  • Experience with processors
  • Knowledge of Python, SQL, NoSQL databases
  • Experience with frameworks React, Django, Flask
  • Understanding the principles of REST API
  • Understanding OOP principles
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Experience with automation of the development process
  • Possession of code style, the ability to write understandable and maintainable code
  • Programming experience from 1 year
  • Work experience in a similar position at least 1 year
  • Knowledge of English and Polish languages
  • Development of the resource interface
  • Build responsive web applications
  • Refinement of ready-made modules in existing projects
  • Creation of new projects from scratch
  • Linux (hosting Internet resources, setting up a server)

Junior Front End Developer

  • Development experience in TypeScript
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git
  • Basic knowledge in web application development
  • Development experience with ReactJS
  • Knowledge of English and Polish
  • Technical education
  • Jira experience is a plus
  • Layout and develop new design elements and functional components
  • Develop and implement new functionality for applications
  • Take part in the design of the application with other project participants, in particular with the designer

DevOps Enginner

  • Knowledge of Linux
  • CI / CD pipeline and configuration management tools
  • Knowledge of bash
  • Administration experience
  • Experience with services (Apache, Nginx, MySQL, LXT)
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Docker, Jenkins, Circle Ci
  • Knowledge of one of the virtualization systems
  • Experience with monitoring systems
  • Knowledge of English and Polish languages
  • Work experience from 1 year
  • Solve requests from developers and testers
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining and updating IT and software
  • Replicate and scale IT processes faster and more efficiently
  • Introduce reports on solving technical problems, diagnose errors, control the application and servers
  • Participation in the construction of processes and technical tasks

Support enginner

  • Work in the support service from 1 year
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Working with logs of web applications and services
  • Ability to work with information (analysis and report)
  • Competent and understandable description of problems and responses to applications
  • Knowledge of Polish and English
  • Experience in the field of e-commerce
  • Basic knowledge of web applications
  • Working with Service Desk, Trello, NoSql, Linux
  • Service applications
  • Problem solving
  • Formalization of tasks, support of applications


  • Work experience from 1 year
  • Attention to detail and analytical skills
  • Understanding the principles of the web project, understanding the development processes, the software work process
  • Experience in functional testing, integration, performance
  • Making bug reports
  • Knowledge of English and Polish
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of Jira systems
  • Experience with manual testing
  • Ability to create tested documentation
  • Experience with web technologies
  • Help with product release
  • Test product functions
  • Give feedback to developers
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If you don't know what position is right for you, or you haven't found anything interesting, send us your CV! Our recruitment department will endeavor to match you with a job offer specifically for you or notify you if a new position becomes available.